Our 6 Step Process

Key Difference - Flat Roofs

  • Outside of being a superior product in every way, a key difference lies in the application of the product. Our Shrink Wrap system is the only system that has the capacity to 100% weatherproof a flat roof for both residential and commercial properties

  •  Another key difference between the two products includes the method of how the products are secured/attached to the roof. Often times, blue tarps are “secured” with sandbags or by attaching furring strips using a nail gun. Thereby creating more holes in the roof or by creating a potentially hazardous situation in which a heavy object can free fall to the ground or injure someone.

  • At Structural Wrap LLC, our motto is simple - “No New Holes”. We attach to the fascia board, thereby creating……”No New Holes”. Safe, Secure, Simple effective.

Blue Tarps Don't Work

  • Looking at the previous table, our Shrink Wrap materials outperforms the blue tarp in every category. In fact, it is safe to say that the ONLY similarity that the blue tarp has in common with its superior cousin is the fact that both of their INSTALLATION IS LIMITED TO WEATHER CONDITIONS

  • The SAFETY of our crew is our #1 Priority, therefore we WILL NOT perform Shrink Wrap installation in the rain, or when wind speeds compromise the installation processes.

  • Step 1: Photograph Existing Conditions

  • Step 2: Preparation for Installation

  • Step 3: Attach the Vinyl Shrink Wrap to the Roof

  • Step 4: Heat Weld the Seams (if any)

  • Step 5: Heat Shrink the remaining vinyl

  • Step 6: Photograph the Finished Product

At Structural Wrap, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our values and processes are Safe, Secure, Simple, Effective.

Similarity of
​Blue Tarp vs. Shrink Wrap

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